What We Do

At Northwest Security, we make it easy to monitor and control the security and fire protection of your home and business, ensuring that loved ones, personal property, and business capital are always protected. Our integrated systems offer complete peace of mind and endless safety options.

Our powerful tools allow you to monitor all systems - at home, business, or away - press one button to activate motion sensors and security cameras, turn on exterior night lights, close every blind, and automatically lock all the doors.


How We Do It

We handle the protection of you or your business. We've serviced businesses from all industries and residential properties from all areas.

With the variety of tools we use and suppliers we source, our equipment leads the security and fire protection industry.

Residential: Receive notifications (emails, texts, etc.) when the kids arrive home from school; if anyone enters or exits the home; if a medicine chest or liquor cabinet has been unlocked; or if a garage door has been left open.

Commercial: Monitor all your commercial assets with with services including intrusion, fire, CCTV, supervision, and access control.

Industrial: Providing industrial-class solution with security and protection including intrusion, fire, CCTV, supervision, and access control.


Why We Do It

With a combined 30 years of experience in custom security systems and fire protection, we have witnessed firsthand the trade offs in the industry. Broken promises on quotes and a littering of poor service inspired us to launch our local, private security venture in 1995.

Allow us to beat the next competitor and provide you with safety and comfort, whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial services.