Control Who Has Access to Your Building

Ensure the safety of your employees, visitors, and assets by installing Access Control throughout your building. Access Control allows for only those with a programmed badge, biometrics, or mobile credentials to access your company’s building, and certain areas depending on the level of their credentials.

Programmable Badges

Programmable Badges allow employees to enter your facility on their own with a swipe of their badge against a sensor, eliminating the need and costs associated with having to hire human security.

Most systems are fully cloud-based and able to be managed remotely negating the need for on-site servers that would require ongoing maintenance and protection.

Biometrics & Facial Recognition

For greater security, biometrics and facial recognition are great tools for Access Control, as the credentials used are unique to the individual, unable to be shared, and enforce security policies to be consistent throughout the building(s).

Mobile Credentials

Either software or a sensor strip can be added to the mobile device of employees, allowing them to swipe the sensor on the door for access to the building.

If app-based, save money by not having to purchase or produce physical credentials.

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The safety of your building and associates is important, so make them a priority by ensuring their safety, and the safety of your assets, with superior Access Control installed by Northwest Arkansas’ leading safety experts, Northwest Security Systems.

We’ll install the Access Control system to complement the design of your building, program the system with your specifics, and then train the required associates on how to utilize the system properly. We’ll also support you after installation, whenever you need us most!

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