Protect Your Business from Fires

One of the most important safety features of any business is having a working and efficient fire/smoke detector with an alarm, as well as extinguishers within easy reach in the event of a smaller contained fire.

At Northwest, we install the state-of-the-art fire safety equipment your company needs to meet and exceed federal and OSHA requirements. These systems will keep your building and associates safe, help you stay in business, and protect your overall investments.

Installation of our fire alarms and extinguishers comes with a highly trained technician who will not only install your systems with your business design in mind but will also explain how to use your systems, perform a demonstration, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Purchasing and installing one of our systems gives you access to comprehensive technical support, repairs/maintenance, and replacements in the event your system stops working as it should.

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Our mission is to stand above the rest with our superior and excellent customer service while we strive to create an atmosphere where our customers are given all the information up front, and are walked through every step of the process, leaving no surprises or misinformation.

All our team members are properly trained and hold the required licensure and credentials to install, maintain, and repair all the services we offer, plus answer any questions you may have.

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